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Machine Exporters to the World

Call us +44 (0)1590 676000 or Email us sales@ajax-mach.co.uk


Ajax Demo Page

Product Range

Click on the links below to see live demos

AJSB 165 Slant Bed CNC Running

AJV 700 High Speed Machining Centre

AJV700 Customer Interview

AJSB 165 Slant Bed CNC Outside

Vantage MCSY Slant Bed CNC Live tooling C Axis Y Axis & Sub spindle

Superturn CNC Lathe Accuracy Test

Faunc Turnmate i fitted to our Superturn Lathes

Superturn CNC Lathe Control Introduction

Superturn CNC Lathe Control Profiling Cycle

Superturn CNC Lathe Control Screw Cutting

Superturn CNC Lathe Control Additional Cycle information

Superturn CNC Lathe Control Linking cycles to form a program

Superturn CNC Lathe Control Tool Setting

Siemens 828D Shop Mill Control fitted to our mills.

Siemens 828D Shop Mill Control fitted to our lathes.

FAGOR 8055 MC Fitted to our mills

FAGOR 8055 TC Fitted to our lathes

FANUC 0i D Manual Guide i Fitted to our lathes

Fanuc 0i MC control with Manual Guide O

Interview at Preston Colledge Training School


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