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Belt Grinders and Linishers

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Product Range

Belt Grinders and Linishers

Ajax Arboga belt grinding & linishing machines are very high quality and powerfull with sizes from 50 to 150mm dust extraction, centreless grinding attachments available for cleaning up bar for welding & fabricating work these units also have a open end with support for grinding wheel type aplications.

Arboga 75 Belt Grinder


Model 75 100 150
Belt Width 75mm 100mm 150mm
Belt Length 2000mm 2000mm 2000mm
Working Surface      
Belt Speed 30M/sec 30M/sec 30M/sec
Contact Wheel 75 x 200mm 100 x 200mm 150 x 200mm
Motor size 4.1 Hp 4.8 Hp 4.8 Hp
Height 1935mm 2080mm 2065mm

Belt Grinders

Arboga 75 EX Belt grinder with extraction

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